Rana Plaza Victims’ Compensation Fund reaches $30 million USD target

UNI Global Union and IndustriALL Global Union, two signatories to the Bangladesh Accord, welcome the news that the Rana Plaza Compensation Fund has finally reached its target.

UNI Global Union General Secretary Philip Jennings, said, “The compensation fund shows that global unions and NGOs can work with international brands to ensure they live-up to their responsibilities along the supply chain. This is a positive day in a tortuous saga for the survivors and the families of the victims. Two years is way too long for multi-billion dollar companies to come up collectively with $30 million USD, but we’ve got there in the end and the families can now start to rebuild their lives. However, let’s not forget Bangladesh still has a long way to go to create a safe and sustainable garment industry.”

IndustriALL Global Union General Secretary Jyrki Raina welcomed the announcement which finally makes full compensation possible for the victims of the Rana Plaza tragedy: “This compensation scheme is groundbreaking for industrial accidents in the garment supply chain, but the lack of responsibility by the brands towards the workers who make their clothes has been only too apparent.

“Meanwhile the fight continues for a living wage and the right to be a member of a trade union. These struggles are fundamental to chaining the conditions in garment factories so that tragedies like Rana Plaza will never happen again.”